Fresh Thinking.
Unique, Strategic Solutions.

There is no “normal” anymore. The world is in constant flux, so you can’t look at things the way you always have. Whether you have challenges, are in crisis, or evaluating opportunities to increase growth, you need to look at what’s in front of you from a new angle. Contact us for some fresh thinking.

About Us

Mind Mashery

Mind Mashery
/mīnd/ /ˈmaSHərē/
The melding of minds, each with different expertise, to address a challenge or opportunity, by using fresh thinking which results in unique, strategic solutions and unprecedented results.

We utilize a team of specialists who attack a problem or address an opportunity from all sides, employing the skills we’ve honed over our careers. We’ve got Digital Transformation experts, Data Analysts, Digital and Traditional marketers, operations experts, technology geeks, brand builders, content creators, tech developers, revenue generators, and successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

How It Works

Phase I
Project Evaluation

The first stage of our process is a significant, detailed conversation. We’ll talk about your goals and objectives, any roadblocks you you may see, and so much more. Are you looking for brand exposure? Increasing revenue? Launch a new product? We will be asking a lot of questions. We’ll then build a project plan and present it to you. It will contain project goals and our recommendations on how we plan on getting there, along with the related timelines, tracking metrics, and other information. And yes, this is when we explain our fee structure.

Phase II
Project Implementation

Once approved, we’ll immediately start work on the second phase of our process. This is where the rubber meets the road – where we actually do, and help you do, what we’ve mapped out. We’ll likely need data from your team as well as other information. Then, we’ll be off and running, putting everything together for you. As the work gets done, we’ll be presenting a weekly sprint, so everyone is on the same page and so everyone knows exactly what’s happening. This will also allow us to get your feedback.

Phase III
Analysis of Results

At the end of the project, we expect our recommendations will have been implemented. It is important to note we don’t believe implementation is solely the client’s responsibility. This isn’t about fancy reports. For us, it’s about the real impact of change and proper implementation of plans. We’re not the type of people who just sit back and drop everything into your court. At the end of the day, we believe recommendations that are not implemented (or are done so haphazardly) are a waste of our mutual time and your money.

Industries We Serve

Travel. Tourism. Hospitality. Media. Technology.
Retail. E-Commerce. Food & Beverage.

Startups. Established Businesses. Public Corporations.
Oh, and pretty much any other company.

Join Us

Would you like to join our team of experts? We’re always looking for professional consultants with specific skillsets to join our group.